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This home page will tell you who Gracie is. I will be slow on adding info to this site so keep checking back.

My birthday is May 2nd, 2005

When I was two months old, I left Tennessee, went through Virginia to West Virginia where we camped the night. The next day we continued on to the Amish country of Ohio. We spent several nights there viewing the local sights. We then continued on to Michigan and spent the night and the next day traveled to the upper peninsular where we visited all the local sights.

We then started toward home and stopped in Indiana and camped overnight. We then continued through Kentucky to home. 

When I was one year and two months old I went to Myrtle Beach SC where I guarded the Camper while "Mon & Dad" enjoyed the scenery. However, "Dad" did take me for walks. I really enjoyed the Ocean but did not know it was so big.

When I was two years and two months old, I went to Savannah, GA where I again was stuck guarding the camper while "They" enjoyed the sights. However they did bring me a "doggy bag" with leftover meats! Once while there, they opened the door and I looked out and saw "Thousands"  (dad said maybe fifty) of these huge birds (dad called them Canadian Geese). I headed right out the door and went right into the middle of them and scattered them in every direction. Boy, you talk about squawking! It was fun but dad didn't like it.

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